Monday, March 7, 2011


[Launch pad at the former Churchill Rocket Range - Churchill, MB]

"I've long been intrigued by that incredible tapestry of tundra and taiga which constitutes the Arctic and sub-Arctic of our country. I've read about it, written about it, and even pulled up my parka once and gone there. Yet like all but a very few Canadians I've had no real experience of the North. I've remained, of necessity, an outsider. And the North has remained for me, a convenient place to dream about, spin tall tales about, and, in the end, avoid. This programme, however, brings together some remarkable people who have had a direct confrontation with that northern third of Canada, who've lived and worked there and in whose lives the North has played a very vital role."

Glenn Gould, The Idea of North. Solitude Trilogy – CBC Radio Documentary.

Churchill, MB Field Trip October 2010 - Vertical Studio, Department of Architecture, University of Manitoba


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